We are pleased to announce that UK based photographer John Alexander www.johnalexander.co has been chosen as our first mentee in response to our 2019 UNP 12 Month Free Mentorship call out  https://unitednationsofphotography.com/2019/01/31/free-unp-12-month-photography-mentorship-programme/. John was chosen by Grant Scott from over 100 submissions received from the UK, US, India, Canada and China.

Grant said “I recognised in John’s written submission and work someone that I felt able to both support and encourage over the period of the mentorship. I think and hope that I will be able to meet his expectations from a mentor. When choosing the mentee it was important to me that I felt that I could supply advice and opinions that would help the chosen photographer to achieve the outcomes they identified in their submission.”

In addition to the initial mentorship offered Grant has decided to offer informal mentorship to a collection of photographers who also submitted applications in response to the call for letters of interest. These are:

Tom Broadbent: www.tombroadbent.com
Kevin Casey: http://lensbasedmedia.org
Amy Romer: www.amyromer.com
Simon Bray: www.simonbray.co.uk
Edward Brydon: https://edbrydon.com
John Linton: https://johnlinton.photoshelter.com
Mark Salmon: www.marksalmonphoto.co.uk
Ameena Rojee: www.ameenarojee.co.uk

Featured image: ©John Alexander

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