Muscle Memory and Photography


  1. Love this advice Grant: “The seeing when taking the image and subsequently reflecting on the success of the image are part of our training schedule and the more time we spend doing both the more understanding we will gain of our capabilities.” It’s sometimes hard during these times to get the motivation for spending more time doing but this has been a great motivator to do so. Thanks (and ordered the book). Pete

  2. Good article, Grant. It’s clear that your statement, “Every time the shutter button is pressed will not and should not result in the perfect image, but the more times you do press that button, the more chance you will have that your ability to create successful images will grow.” is not advocating spray and pray. However, I often see a preference for shoot spray and think that the subsequent reflection on the success of the image is less effective with muscle memory effect. I, for one, cannot resist chimping (on a dSLR) and think that I learn best from the immediate feedback.

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