Professional Photography: The New Global Landscape Explained
By Grant Scott
Focal Press 2014

Since the 2006 photographic digital revolution, the world of professional photography has been on a rollercoaster of evolution. Not only has new camera technology transformed every aspect of the professional photographer’s workflow, but it has also changed business practices across the industry. This essential handbook uses a global approach to teach photographers how to thrive in a fast-changing and competitive international marketplace. Highlights include practical examples and detailed advice about:

Being well-versed in creating both still and moving images.
Designing and maintaining a well-structured website.
The importance of engaging with social media.
Exploring personal projects to find new clients.
Managing print sales and exhibiting.
Understanding budgeting and copyright in a digital world.

“As an individual who has worked as a professional photographer for the last 15 years, in all sorts of areas and for everything from editorial to advertising, I can confidently say that this book knows exactly what it’s talking about”.

“Want to have a better chance of being a successful professional photographer? Read this book”.


The Essential Student Guide to Professional Photography
By Grant Scott
Focal Press 2014

This essential reference for photography students explains how to become part of the professional photographer community. By defining professional photography today, and exploring what is expected of professional photographers, the book demystifies this often-misunderstood and misjudged career track. The easily accessible text provides readers with valuable information, inspiration, and education on topics including developing your photographic voice, finding your area of specialization, exploring the moving image, building a website, and understanding self-presentation, promotion, and marketing. It also features inspirational projects for students to embark on their education in photography.


New ways of seeing final cover.jpg

New Ways of Seeing: The Democratic Language of Photography
By Grant Scott
Bloomsbury Academic 2019

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