A Photographic Life Podcast ‘PLUS’ Launched on Patreon…

If you’ve enjoyed following the A Photographic Life podcast journey so far and would like to contribute to its future, we hope you’ll consider becoming a patron of A Photographic Life Podcast ‘Plus’. If you’re new to the notion of patronage, please read on to learn more about becoming a patron and helping to fund the creation of the A Photographic Life Podcast Plus. But don’t worry the standard podcast will remain as free as a bird!

To create a learning resource that places the power of learning into the hands of the learner. To suggest where you can go, what you can read, who you can discover and what you can question to further your own knowledge, experience and enjoyment of photography. It will be inspiring, informative and enjoyable!

Over the last twelve months we have produced and presented the A Photographic Life weekly podcast. All the while, we’ve been constantly looking for new ways to strengthen the financial foundations of the project.

Then a friend introduced us to Patreon.

This became a real turning point and landmark on the timeline of the project. And that’s where you come in!

For an overview of how Patreon works in general, they’ve got a great primer HERE to explain how it works, but basically you give Patreon your credit card (or paypal) and you’re charged $3/£2.90 (or more, if you choose) at the end of every month to support me in creating the Podcast Plus.

Take a look at the right side of this page or scroll down if you’re on a mobile device. You’ll find suggested amounts but you can pledge whatever you feel comfortable with (please note the bit about Dollars and VAT below).

As a patron you’ll be able to access all the content on my Patreon page. Each week I will upload an exclusive Podcast Plus and information sheet that follows on from the discussion in that week’s free podcast.

A pledge of just $3/£2.90 per month a month will unlock all the content on this page. If you can afford to give more support, that is great but not necessary.

DOLLARS: Patreon is a US company, so the currency is shown in US Dollars. At the time of writing, here’s an approximate exchange rate for my UK patrons: $1 = £0.79

You’ll see I’ve added an approximate Sterling conversion at the bottom of each pledge level. In our global village, I hope you’re happy to support me even if US Dollars aren’t your native currency.

VAT: Due to European Union regulations, Patreon need to charge VAT on pledges made by EU-based patrons. Therefore, if you live in the EU, please bear in mind that the Reward values will have VAT added. Click here for some more info about it from Patreon.

You can support us and gain access to Podcast Plus here: www.patreon.com/aphotographiclifepodcast


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