PODCAST: A Photographic Life, Episode 210: Plus Photographer Edmund Clark

In episode 210 UNP founder and curator Grant Scott is in his shed reflecting on the documentation of the everyday, the latest NFT news, not needing rules and listening to young photographers.

Plus this week photographer Edmund Clark takes on the challenge of supplying Grant with an audio file no longer than 5 minutes in length in which he answer’s the question ‘What Does Photography Mean to You?’

Edmund Clark worked as a researcher in London and Brussels before gaining a postgraduate diploma in photojournalism at the London College of Communication. Clark’s research-based work combines a range of references and forms including bookmaking, installations, photography, video, documents, text and found images and material; whatever is conceptually and formally relevant to investigating the subject and communicating with an audience. Recurring themes include developing strategies for reconfiguring how subjects are seen and engaging with state censorship to explore unseen experiences, spaces and processes of control and incarceration in the ‘Global War on Terror’ and elsewhere. Clark’s work has been published in seven books My Shadow’s Reflection (2018), In Place of Hate (2017), Negative Publicity: Artefacts of Extraordinary Rendition(2017), Control Order House (2016), The Mountains of Majeed (2014), Guantanamo: If the Light Goes Out (2010), and Still Life Killing Time (2007). His work has been exhibited widely including at the International Center of Photography Museum, New York, and the Imperial War Museum, London. His work has been acquired for national and international collections including the ICP Museum and the George Eastman House Museum in America and the National Portrait Gallery, and the National Media Museum in Great Britain. Awards include the Royal Photographic Society Hood Medal for outstanding photography for public service, the British Journal of Photography International Photography Award and, together with Crofton Black, an ICP Infinity Award and the inaugural Rencontres d’Arles Photo-Text Book Award. For four years he was the artist-in-residence in Europe’s only wholly therapeutic prison, HMP Grendon. He is is represented by the Flowers Gallery, London and New York, the East Wing Gallery, Dubai and the Parotta Contemporary, Stuttgart and Berlin. Today Clark teaches postgraduate students at the London College of Communication, London. www.edmundclark.com

Dr. Grant Scott is the founder/curator of United Nations of Photography, a Senior Lecturer and Subject Co-ordinator: Photography at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, a working photographer, documentary filmmaker, BBC Radio contributor and the author of Professional Photography: The New Global Landscape Explained (Routledge 2014), The Essential Student Guide to Professional Photography (Routledge 2015), New Ways of Seeing: The Democratic Language of Photography (Routledge 2019).

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