PODCAST: A Photographic Life, Episode 197: Plus Photographer Bradley G. Munkowitz (GMUNK)

In episode 197 UNP founder and curator Grant Scott is in his shed reflecting on the changing artefacts of photography, the importance of controlling your reputation and how a magazine can too easily misread its audience.

Plus this week photographer Bradley G. Munkowitz (GMUNK) on the challenge of supplying Grant with an audio file no longer than 5 minutes in length in which he answer’s the question ‘What Does Photography Mean to You?’

Bradley G. Munkowitz, popularly known as GMUNK, is a prolific Berkley-based director, designer and artist who works not only in motion design and animation, but also in graphic design, experiential design, live action direction, photography, psychedelic design, installation art, robotics, projection mapping, LED, and more. In his teenage years, he started with sculpture and ceramics, and then in college moved onto filmmaking, before taking graphic design classes at Humboldt State University where he started using After Effects and Flash to make interactive experiences – merging video, design and audio cues to create something interesting and fresh. Once out of college he worked as a Flash animator / video editor and worked in motion design for the next 10 years at studios in Los Angeles and Australia including with the master of film titles Kyle Cooper. He then moved into directing commercials, whilst still working on experiential projects and photography. An innovator in 3D digital art using his photographs as starting points for his finished work his clients include. Microsoft, Nike, Audi, Maserati, Sony, Hyundai, Hummer, HBO, Adidas, Samsung, and Uber. https://gmunk.com

Dr. Grant Scott is the founder/curator of United Nations of Photography, a Senior Lecturer and Subject Co-ordinator: Photography at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, a working photographer, documentary filmmaker, BBC Radio contributor and the author of Professional Photography: The New Global Landscape Explained (Routledge 2014), The Essential Student Guide to Professional Photography (Routledge 2015), New Ways of Seeing: The Democratic Language of Photography (Routledge 2019).

Grant’s book What Does Photography Mean to You? including 89 photographers who have contributed to the A Photographic Life podcast is on sale now £9.99 https://bluecoatpress.co.uk/product/what-does-photography-mean-to-you/

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