The United Nations of Photography is a meeting place for people who wish to share opinions, for those who are engaged with building the new image making and storytelling landscape and for those who want to know more. It is a home for the inquisitive, the informed and the passionate. It was founded by Grant Scott and Sean Samuels and is curated and edited by Grant Scott.

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  1. Thank you! Already a reference! Mindfulness in a period that our ‘photographic life’ tends to be automatically and standardized thinking, marketing´s overwhelming, and dictatorship of trend (and fees) impers… keep the good work Grant Scott!!

  2. Dear Photographers,
    I have noted with interest the piece concerning the photographer Raymond Moore who I met casually on several occasions during his visits to Pembrokeshire.
    He spent much time at Martin’s Haven and on Skomer Island and I (as a historian of the island and former warden) would be most interested to learn if Raymond’s photographs from those days are safely deposited and whether they can be viewed.
    Thank you David Saunders

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