NEW: Photography: Oral Histories Audio Archive Launched…

The audio recordings collected within this archive are curated by Dr.Grant Scott and were originally broadcast as part of his podcast series A Photographic Life. In the podcast Scott asks photographers to answer a simple question ‘What Does Photography Mean to You?’ in less than five minutes. The process of broadcasting the answers to this question continues but as the podcast developed it was clear to Scott that an invaluable archive was evolving. 

The intention of this archive is to act as an information and inspiration resource, providing insight into a multitude of different photographic practices and to foster understanding of photographic intention, impetus and outcome. In addition to the contributions from photographers answering the question set by Scott this archive contains informal conversations with photographers and those engaged with photography that deal with issues of photographic practice that face the medium and its practitioners in the 21st Century.

You can access the archive here:

You can listen to the A Photographic Life podcast at and all podcast platforms including Spotify, iTunes and Google podcasts.

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