AUDIO: Glenn Edwards, David Hurn, and Grant Scott in Conversation with Audience Q and A

This conversation with audience question and answer session was recorded following the screening of Do Not Bend: The Photographic Life of Bill Jay at the University of South Wales on Thursday 22nd November 2018 and was recorded by Brian at

The conversation focuses on the film and life of Bill Jay but also addresses the relationship between theory and practical skills taught within photo education, the importance of photo history to the working photographer and the creation of low-budget documentaries. At the end of the evening David Hurn suggested that this will be his last ever public talk and therefore decided to be as frank in expressing his opinions as he wanted to be.

Thank you to Andrew Pearsall at University of South Wales for arranging the screening.

Image: David Hurn of Bill Jay (Centre) University of Arizona 1974. Magnum

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