Free Download: Postcards From Nowhere (Song For Bill)


Any of you who have seen our documentary feature film Do Not Bend: The Photographic Life of Bill Jay will be aware of the beautiful song that is featured towards the end of the film and Bill’s life written and performed especially for us by the Glaswegian singer songwriter Grant Campbell.

The song will feature on his forthcoming album but he has kindly made it available to you for free via his Bandcamp site.

All you need to do to download your free copy is to click on this link click on ‘Buy Digital Track’ and when it asks you what you want to pay you can either put in ‘nothing’ or if you feel inclined you could make a small donation as a thank you to Grant. Then submit your email address, and click OK to download it to your computer.

As well as being a talented musician Grant is also a highly talented photographer. You can see his work at:



Instagram: fixing_the_shadows

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