Photo Dispatches: Photographer Talks Launches in Bristol

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The UNP is pleased to announce Photo Dispatches: Photographer Talks a new monthly free event that will feature some of the world’s leading professional photographers working on both a personal and commissioned basis across all areas of photographic practice.

Each event will take place at the Bristol Folkhouse, Park Street, Bristol and will be free to attend.

We will be announcing further details and the first four speakers over the coming weeks.

We are really looking forward to working with the people at The Folkhouse who share our belief in the importance of community, inclusion and the sharing of information and experience across a broad range of creative practice.

The Bristol Folk House
The Bristol Folk House is the oldest education centre in Bristol. The original Folk House was built in 1887 and in 1903 a ‘men’s club’ was established to provide local men with a place where they could spend their leisure hours learning to read and write rather than frequenting pubs.


In August 1920 a meeting was called to discuss the future of the club and, in 1921, the Folk House as it is today was established. The current site on Park Street was purchased in 1958 and the building was completed in 1964. In 1995, when all government funding was withdrawn, the Folk House became a totally self-funding organisation.

As a demand-led education and social centre, the ethos of the Folk House encourages a communal spirit of equal opportunity.


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