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Photography Critics, Theorists and Academic Writing: Does Photography Need Them?

Let me put my cards on the table. I came to photography as a fan. A fan of the images I saw in magazines and on record covers in the Seventies and early Eighties before starting to work as an art director on magazines in the United Kingdom. Magazines that exist to be aspirational, entertaining, ...

Above: Portrait of Phillip Mould OBE 
© Grant Scott 2016

The Geometry of Photography or How I Began to Understand Portrait Composition!

The artist David Hockney recently recalled a conversation he had with Henri Cartier- Bresson to the art critic and author Martin Gayford*. Hockney said this “We first met at my drawing show in Paris in 1975. He immediately wanted to talk about drawing, as he did whenever we met after that, and I always wanted to talk about photography. ...


NEWS: We Are Now Contributing to Witness by the World Press Photo Foundation

We are excited to announce that you will now be able to read exclusive articles by UNP founder, curator and writer Grant Scott within the Witness publication created by the World Press Photo Foundation on Medium https://medium.com throughout 2017. You can follow Witness at https://medium.com/witness You can also follow the UNP on Medium at https://medium.com/@UNofPhoto  


Technique Versus Feel: Explaining That Photography Is Not A Science!

A recent conversation with a young photographer and his parents placed me into a position to have to do exactly what the title of this post suggests. They asked me to give feedback on his work as he is being taught photography at school by an art teacher who had no photographic experience. This to them was an issue ...

Capturing the Essence Not Just the Seen (A Photographer’s True Story)

I was recently commissioned to shoot a portrait of a familiar too many and well-established television personality,  well-known for his erudite banter, quick witted ripostes and sartorial elegance. Those are the attributes that we as viewers would associate with him (I will not name him as that would be unfair but I will reveal that he ...

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Commercial Photography: The Myth Exploded!

I previously wrote an article calling for some honesty amongst the contemporary photographic art community concerning the basis of photographic practice, calling for a re-evaluation of their understanding and definition on what is most commonly referred to as ‘commercial photography’. Since then I have been inundated with requests by photographers to help them understand how to create more ...