Every week we ask a photographer to describe what photography means to them in less than 5 minutes as a piece of audio. This is then included within the A Photographic Life podcast.

Every Wednesday at 6.00am BST we post a new episode of the A Photographic Life Podcast. Available to listen, download and subscribe at  or via or and more…

Here is a list in order of appearance of all of the photographers who have featured so far:

Ella Murtha
Nick Turpin
Ed Kashi
Al Brydon
Laura Beltrán Villamizar
Craig Aitkinson/Cafe Royal Books
Tom Stoddart
Kitt Woodland
Marc Vallée
Brian David Stevens
Jenny Lewis
Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert
Rob Hudson
Emma Blau
Burk Uzzle
Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen
Tom Oldham
Brian Duffy
Susan Meiselas
Stuart Franklin
Helen Trompeteler
Kenneth Jarecke
David Bailey
Danny North
Mary Ellen Mark
Michael Thompson
Dan Wood
Philip North Coombes
Jim Mortram
Christopher Anderson
Robert Darch
Michael Jackson
Margaret Mitchell
Amy Romer
Brian Griffin
Marc Wilson
David Levenson
Derek Ridgers
Craig Easton
Paolo Roversi
Rachel Boillot
John Sevigny
Alys Tomlinson
Colin Jones
Geoff Waring
Elliott Landy
Guia Besana
Katharine MacDaid
Iain McKell
Guy Martin
Dafydd Jones
Fleur Olby
Chris Floyd
Paul Trevor
Sunil Gupta
Amelia Troubridge