ARCHIVE VIDEO: Don McCullin, ‘Redundant Warrior’, 1992

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This television documentary was made for the UK based ITV network in 1991. Don McCullin – Redundant Warrior focus’s on McCullin’s work, his reflections upon that work, the effect his career has had upon his life and state of well-being and how he has learned to cope with what he has witnessed and how he and why he turned his camera on nature to help come to terms with his mental turmoil.

The film features McCullin’s graphic and disturbing images taken in several war zones throughout the second half of the Twentieth Century, the effects on the local populations, especially the children, as well as the soldiers sent out to fight.

Through a series of interviews with Paul Gough, McCullin talks about his deep feelings of guilt, his own “disfigurement” by war and the “black conscience” it left him with. In these probing discussions McCullin clearly reveals the deep inner turmoil he has suffered and continues to suffer as a result of what he has seen and recorded. The documentary, directed by award-winning director David Hopkins and produced by Abigail Davies, is a moving tribute to those McCullin caught on camera in his attempts to inform the wider world of the real cost and lasting effects of war.


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