Month: March 2017

VIDEO: Martin Parr Talks Bill Jay and Bill Brandt

A short clip from our up-coming film Do Not Bend: The Photographic Life of Bill Jay featuring Martin Parr discussing both Bill Jay and Bill Brandt. For more information on the film visit © United Nations of Photography/Cordial AV 2017

Three Photobooks You Don’t Need to Buy or Own (Or Why Editors Matter…)

I recently purchased three photo books, well I say photo books but what I really mean to say is three books dealing with photography in three distinctly different ways. I’m not going to name or identify these books as there is no reason to in this instance. Instead I will outline how they connect with photography, ...

Daniel Meadows Talking Bill Jay

We spent a wonderful morning with Daniel Meadows discussing the influence of photographer, lecturer, writer and legendary magazine editor Bill Jay on his work and career for our film project Do Not Bend: The Photographic Life of Bill Jay. Daniel was in the same class as Martin Parr at Manchester Polytechnic where Bill gave a ...