Month: January 2017


The New Publishing Landscape: In Conversation with Iain Sarjeant of Another Place Press

Iain Sarjeant is a photographer based in the Highlands of Scotland who founded the Another Place Press as a small independent publisher to showcase contemporary landscape photography. To date he has published nine books that explore landscape covering themes documenting the land, place, journey, city and environment from the remotest corners of the globe to the centre of the largest cities. ...


Photography Critics, Theorists and Academic Writing: Does Photography Need Them?

Let me put my cards on the table. I came to photography as a fan. A fan of the images I saw in magazines and on record covers in the Seventies and early Eighties before starting to work as an art director on magazines in the United Kingdom. Magazines that exist to be aspirational, entertaining, ...


What Camera Do You Use?

Any professional photographer reading this article will be all too familiar with this question. The assumption that your camera of choice will be large, expensive, complicated and the latest model is of course a natural one based on the idea of a professional tool to fulfil a professional task but how accurate is this assumption? ...