Month: December 2016

Above: David Bowie from Bowie - The Session. Copyright: Gavin Evans

Oi! Don’t You Understand Copyright?

A long time friend and photographer Gavin Evans, had the good fortune to be commissioned to photograph David Bowie in London back in 1995. The shoot lasted just forty minutes but produced a powerful, graphic and insightful set of studio based images – you can see the images here – that have sat on Gavin’s website and in ...

Above: Al Pacino in Dog Day Afternoon

The Single Image Narrative: Sometimes It Chooses You

I recently wrote an article for World Press Photo exploring the issues many photographers have in creating a visual narrative with their work. In short the difficulty of finding, defining and telling a story with photographs. It seems to have hit a nerve and sparked the interest of many photographers receiving over 32 thousand views ...

Above: Portrait of Phillip Mould OBE 
© Grant Scott 2016

The Geometry of Photography or How I Began to Understand Portrait Composition!

The artist David Hockney recently recalled a conversation he had with Henri Cartier- Bresson to the art critic and author Martin Gayford*. Hockney said this “We first met at my drawing show in Paris in 1975. He immediately wanted to talk about drawing, as he did whenever we met after that, and I always wanted to talk about photography. ...

Above: Image Nadav Kander

Portrait Photography Made Simple, or Not!

I have long believed that the most important quality that a portrait photographer requires is an interest in people. A desire to talk but most importantly to listen. To feel confident enough in technical ability to not allow it to dominate the creative process. In short to demonstrate empathy, to document a person as they truly ...


REVIEW: Paris Photo 2016: Narciso Contreras “Libya, A Human Marketplace”

Hôtel de l’Industrie in Saint-Germain-des-Près is a particularly civilised setting in which to tell a particularly grim story. This autumn the Hôtel hosted Narciso Contreras’ Libya, A Human Marketplace, winner of the 2016 Carmignac Photojournalism Award. It is a powerful and deeply disturbing set of images, about a horrific – and ongoing – situation. Having seen the exhibition ...