Month: September 2016


Over 100 Photographers Between 30 and 70 You Need To Know About!

A catchy headline I’m sure you will agree and I hope that you do not feel cheated when you realise that I have no intention of naming any photographers you need to follow whatever their age may be. You may have arrived here thanks to the headline but don’t click away too soon. This is not ...


Why Do Publishers Want ‘All Rights’?

If you are a photographer working for publishers within an editorial environment you will be all too familiar with being pressured to sign contracts concerning the rights to your images. It is nothing new (I was regularly asked to get photographers to sign their rights away throughout the Nineties, something I always refused to do!) ...

grant portrait copy

Who Said Photography Was Easy?

For many years as an art director I was in the position to commission photographers and photography. I chose to work with photographers whose view of lives interested me, whose life experience intrigued me, whose personalities challenged or appealed to me or who were passionate about a specific subject. All of these were important aspects in my ...

What Makes A Professional Photographer? 10 Observations

You need to be able to take rejection, rejection and more rejection of your work and still stay positive. You need to be consistent in your image making. You must have the ability and confidence to create narrative. You must be able to solve problems through visual language. You must always give the client what they ask for, what they didn't (but works best) and what you know to be the strongest image (that may or not fulfil the brief). You must be able to talk about your work eloquently and with passion. You need to understand the position of the client/curator/enabler. You must be open-minded, culturally aware and interested in stuff! You must never believe the hype but always understand the hype. You must never give in or up.