Month: November 2014


Garry Winogrand, Jeu De Paume, Paris, 2014: Turn the Volume UP!

I have long believed that many photographers work, influence and practice remains playing in the background at a volume that only a few can hear, influencing and informing a few but largely ignored by the photographic masses. Then an exhibition is staged such as this and the volume gets turned up. Suddenly the masses take notice. ...


Editing is Rejection: Understanding The Editing Process

It was the photographer Chris Floyd ( who first bought to my attention the notion of rejection as an intrinsic part of the editing process. Chris had just shot a series of portraits of one of my daughters and as I stood by his laptop to begin my edit he declared that he could not ...


‘Professional Photography’ A Call For Honesty And Respect

Over the past few weeks I have had a number of conversations with photographers and those involved with photography in which they have not only displayed a condescending and ill-informed attitude towards commissioned photography but also one which demonstrates a highly tuned level of hypocrisy. I have had such conversations many times over the years ...